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When you are facing criminal charges, your choice of legal representation is a critical issue. You must ensure that you have legal representation from a proven attorney with a record of successfully defending difficult cases. Without quality legal representation, even in a first time DUI you could face very serious consequences. In more serious felony charges, the trial talent and ability to present a compelling case can be pivotal with regard to the final case outcome. At the law firm of Okabe & Haushalter, we have gained a reputation throughout the state as a high quality, aggressive criminal law firm and are often called upon by other law firms when they have need of an exceptional trial attorney. Often seen as legal analysts on both CNN and Headline News, our founding attorneys Ryan T. Okabe and Mark J. Haushalter, listed as Super Lawyers, as well as their managing partner at the San Francisco office, Ryan J. King have unmatched dedication, commitment and an aggressive approach when defending their cases.

Our Areas of Practice

Our legal team will be able to assist you in fighting any of the following criminal charges:

Criminal charges of arson will include forensic evidence developed and presented by state fire investigators and experts. The interpretation of the evidence involved in a fire, whether to a home, commercial building or a wildfire, will be a critical aspect of the case. Our respected independent investigators can be called upon to support a case developed for the defense.

Many law firms do not get involved in criminal appeals, as the extensive work necessary and presentation of the appeal can be extremely difficult. Our firm offers services to those who have suffered from a miscarriage of justice and also to other firms who need to file a professional appeal for their clients.

Assault & Battery
One of the most common charges in the state are criminal accusations involving assault & battery. Unfortunately, these are often filed against the person left standing after some type of physical altercation. The mitigating circumstances and actual details involved must be carefully evaluated by a quality defense law firm for best results at trial.

When a federal, state or city official, law enforcement officer or other public servant is accused of bribery and convicted, this essentially ends their career and permanently destroys their reputation and future hopes. It is vital that any such case is aggressively defended.

Child Pornography
State lawmakers have enacted statutes that heavily punish any person that is in possession of child pornography, distributes the material, or is involved in creating video images of underage individuals that are pornographic. These cases can involve child pornography videos, internet pornography, production of child pornography or the sale of child pornography. These difficult legal matters require the highest level of skill from your defense team.

Child Molestation
Criminal accusations of child molestation can damage your personal and professional reputation forever. Fast defense action must be taken to protect you both personally and in court. Charges can range from child trafficking to child prostitution, luring of a minor, or sexual conduct with a minor. At our firm we have successfully defended individuals who are facing charges of child molestation, and are aware of the potential difficulties that can be involved in criminal cases in which children and their testimony come into play.

Computer Crimes
The use of a computer and the internet has led to an increase in criminal activities involving computers, such as hacking, identity theft and fraud. State and federal task forces are on duty 24/7 working on identifying those who are engaged in illegal activities. If you are accused of a computer crime, you need to know that your defense lawyer has access to powerful resources such as independent investigators, to support your defense case.

DMV Hearings
If you have been arrested and charged with DUI, your licensing issues will be handled by the DMV. Your license suspension can be challenged at a DMV hearing. At the law firm of Okabe & Haushalter, we can both schedule and represent you at the hearing, and fight for your right to legally operate your vehicle.

Domestic Violence
In any relationship, there can be emotional forces at play that escalate into physical violence. In some cases, accusations of domestic violence are completely false and related to an effort for the other party to gain custody or use the justice system to attack the reputation of another. Other cases may have mitigating issues that must be brought to light in defending against the charges.

Drug Cases
California may be perceived as being lenient on drugs, but lawmakers actually have ensured that there are very serious penalties for many types of drugs. When you are beyond the threshold amount, usually a minimal amount, it is almost certain you will be facing felony charges. Whether you are charged with drug possession, trafficking, cultivation, manufacturing, or charged with a federal drug crime, we can assist you.

Drunk in Public
A common arrest is the accusation of being drunk in public. Although it may appear to be a minor issue, in fact, a conviction on this offense can greatly affect your future employment and other personal or business situations. We know what to do for our clients who are facing these charges.

DUI Defense
If you have been arrested and charged with DUI, a 2nd time DUI , felony DUI or other drunk driving offense, you probably are unsure if your case could be successfully defended. Our firm has a reputation for success in first time DUI through to the most serious DUI related charges.

Innocent people or those under who have made a mistake while under stress are charged with embezzlement every day. In many cases, the situation can be resolved when we get involved very early in the case.

If you are facing charges of extortion, you are in serious legal trouble. The circumstances, evidence, witness statements and all other details of your case must be reviewed without delay, as we often identify viable defense opportunities, and can successfully defend against charges.

Federal Crimes
The federal court system is completely separate from the state court system. The penalties are more severe, and many career prosecutors advance into federal work and are particularly aggressive when pursuing a conviction.

Charges of forgery can be filed either at the state or federal level, based upon the type of document or item involved. A forged signature on a bank document or credit card application can be a very serious legal problem. Forged Social Security cards, medical documents, mortgage applications or other accusations of criminal activity should be aggressively defended.

Fraud Crimes
Whether you are charged with consumer fraud, insurance fraud, healthcare fraud, Medicaid fraud, Medicare fraud or mortgage fraud, you are likely going to have the charges filed in federal court. It is crucial that you have defense counsel that has worked extensively in this court system, and has a record of success.

Grand Theft
The severity of a theft crime, based upon the value of the stolen items, can lead to being charged with grand theft. When the property that is alleged to have been stolen is beyond $950 in value, or involves agricultural produce or marine animals, you can expect to be facing charges of grand theft.

Hate Crime
There is great law enforcement focus upon hate crimes against other people due to their sex, religion, social group, race, political beliefs or other personal issues. These are considered to be crimes that are motivated by a bias against that specific group, and carry severe penalties.

Insider Trading
When an individual is believed to have had access to information about a particular stock, whether the sale of a company or other matter that could affect stock prices and acts to trade either securities, bonds, corporate stock, based upon information that others don't have access to, those involved could face charges of insider trading. These can be complex cases that require top legal counsel with experience.

Juvenile Cases
Young people make mistakes, and deserve to have a second chance. If your child has been charged with any criminal offense, we believe in fighting for their future and taking defense action to fight to preserve their ability to move forward without a conviction to affect their education, employment and other potential opportunities.

If a person has died and it is deemed that another person failed to exercise due care for their safety and this led to their death, charges of manslaughter can be filed. Manslaughter is a very serious criminal offense with years of incarceration in state prison as part of sentencing in a conviction .

California is a death penalty state, and cases of murder in the first degree have the potential for a penalty that will involve that final and extreme penalty. Lesser degrees of homicide will not lead to a death penalty, but a conviction will essentially ruin your life forever. Long prison terms are usually imposed in a conviction.

Public Corruption
Charges of public corruption can involve embezzlement of public funds, fraud, bribery, money laundering or other financial crimes. Charges are often filed after a long investigation. If you have been questioned by any law enforcement regarding such a case, you need to ensure your rights are protected before answering any questions.

the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act provides for enhanced penalties when it is believed that corrupt activities of a criminal organization are part of the situation. These offenses can include violent crimes, drug crimes, human trafficking operations, and terrorist acts, among others.

Sex Crimes
If you are accused of a sex crime, whether related to chat rooms, indecent exposure, lewd conduct, prostitution, sexual assault or rape, or any other sex offense, you are facing an uphill battle and a general societal bias, whether you are innocent or guilty of the accusations.

Tax Evasion
If you are having your tax payments and filings investigated by the IRS, you need to take action to protect yourself from the potential repercussions. If it is believed by the federal authorities that you understated income, concealed assets or were involved in cash transactions that were not reported, you can face criminal charges.

Weapon Charges
The laws in California are some of the most extensive in the nation. There can be errors or failures that lead to weapons charges if you failed to adhere to these regulations. Those who are believed to have been involved in the illegal sale, purchase or transportation of weapons face severe penalties.

White Collar Crimes
Not all law firms have the resources or ability to defend against criminal accusations involving financial matters. These can be complex cases with conflicting information or even false information planted in files, on computers or other issues. Your case must be reviewed without delay if you are under investigation or have been arrested for any financial crime.

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