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Understanding Child Molestation Charges

Facing child molestation charges in California?

Being charged with child molestation is a serious matter that can mean certain disaster for the accused, regardless of actual guilt. In California, child molestation is defined as the intentional act of an adult to initiate sexual contact in a minor for the purpose of stimulation. While sexual contact has been taken to mean a variety of things in courts across California, this particular statute focuses mainly on the inappropriate touching of a minor to achieve that sexual stimulation. Child molestation is one of the crimes that law enforcement and prosecutors vigorously pursue in terms of arrests and conviction, and it is critical to have the support of a strong legal team who can stand up to those who would see you convicted. Our attorneys are highly-skilled in a variety of areas of criminal law, and can help in the following specific and related areas.

Child Trafficking
Child trafficking involved the transport, harbor, recruitment or receiving of minors so that they may be exploited. Common types of exploitation include forced labor, illegal adoption, child prostitution and many others.

Child Prostitution
Children who are involved in prostitution are often kidnapped or recruited, and then forced to participate in sexual acts for the purposes of stimulating another person. Child prostitution is one way of exploiting children, and conviction for this charge is vigorously prosecuted in court.

Luring of a Minor
Luring of a minor is a criminal offense that occurs when an adult over the age of 21 attempts to coax a minor below the age of 14 from their home. People who attempt to lure a minor away from their home are often associated with kidnapping and other crimes related to child molestation or child pornography.

Sexual Conduct with a Minor
Also known as statutory rape, sexual conduct with a minor is a crime that can be charged when an individual over the age of 18 engages in sexual contact with a minor under the age of 18. This can be a difficult charge to prosecute, especially in cases where the adult and legal minor are involved in a relationship.

There are a number of key factors that will play a role in the penalties imposed on an individual who is convicted of child molestation such as the age of the victim, prior criminal record, relationship to the victim and others. Most convicted child molestation offenders can expect to face long-term prison sentences, unimaginable fines and mandatory entry into the sex offenders' registry. Some of the most damaging consequences come at the hands of society, however, and convicted offenders seeking rehabilitation may have great difficulty finding that crucial second chance.

Trusted Expertise Against Your Charges

Due to the many substantial and long-lasting penalties that can be imposed at conviction, people who have been accused of child molestation should take any and all measures to avoid a guilty verdict. The reputable criminal defense law firm of Okabe & Haushalter is available to assist people throughout San Francisco who have been accused of child molestation, child pornography and many other crimes. For years, clients have rightfully trusted the expertise of our dedicated attorneys in building solid cases that are designed to cast doubt on the prosecutions' position in the most effective ways possible. Our firm focuses on working closely with clients as well as conducting independent investigations and research that can be instrumental in your case. Our expert-level support and representation has minimized and eliminated charges for many, and may be the only thing standing between you and your freedom from erroneous child molestation charges.

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