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San Francisco Child Pornography Lawyer

Are you facing charges related to child pornography?

Child pornography is one of the most heinous categories of crime that a person can be convicted of in the United States. Every day, alleged offenders across the nation are rounded up and arrested for a litany of crimes related to the depiction of children in sexual situations. While these crimes are certainly detestable, it is every American's right to receive a fair trial, because not everyone who is accused is necessarily guilty. A seasoned attorney will have the experience in child pornography defense to help accused clients face their charges with the courage and confidence needed to find success in court. The San Francisco criminal defense lawyers at Okabe & Haushalter focuses on many areas, including those within the different types of child pornography.

Child Pornography Videos
Possessing videos of children in graphic or sexual situations is a crime of the highest order in California, and the penalties associated with such a crime are often in direct proportion to the specific nature of the videos as well as the quantity of videos in possession.

Internet Pornography
Internet pornography has been commonplace since the very birth of the Internet as we know it today, and law enforcement is constantly working to minimize the amount of child internet pornography by targeting online commercial distributors and private individuals who are engaging in the illegal trade of child pornography online.

Production of Child Pornography
Producing child pornography of any kind is a crime that is pursued with unequaled vigor by the prosecution, due in large part to the majority consensus within virtually every community. Those who are convicted of producing child pornography videos, pictures or other materials can expect a hard fight ahead of them.

Sale of Child Pornography
Selling child pornography is a serious crime that carries with it some very harsh penalties in terms of prison sentences and financial penalties. Any person who has been accused of selling child pornography should seek the assistance of a skilled lawyer as quickly as possible to find ways to protect not only your freedom, but also your good name in the community.

Defending Your Rights & Reputation

Child pornography is an area of criminal law where an attorney is absolutely essential if the offender is going to have any chance at freedom, or even minimized charges or penalties. Our firm has represented many clients in child pornography cases throughout our years of service. Through our hard work and preparedness, we are able to deliver dependable defense strategies backed by investigative research and any other information available at the time. Our top concern is seeing to the fair treatment of you through your trial, and that includes affording our clients the respect of a thoroughly considered and competent defense executed by a skilled attorney who shares your goal of a favorable outcome in court. What's more, the criminal defense attorneys of Okabe & Haushalter have found consistent success representing the accused in a wide area of criminal cases including child pornography. We will not rest until every option has been explored to minimize or eliminate your charges and penalties.

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