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Medicaid Fraud Defense

What is Medicaid fraud?

Medicaid fraud is a form of healthcare fraud, in which healthcare providers submit fraudulent billing to Medicaid in order to get payments for medical services or procedures that they did not do. Medicaid fraud is punishable by monetary fine, jail time, probation, and restitution to the victims of the fraudulent act. If you have been charged with perpetrating Medicaid fraud, contact a San Francisco attorney from our firm today to discuss your options. People who are suspected of committing Medicaid fraud are relentlessly pursued by federal law enforcement. You need aggressive legal representation if you are going to fight against federal prosecutors in your case.

Medicaid fraud is usually committed by adjusting patients' bills before they are sent to Medicaid for payment. Healthcare providers may put down medications or supplies that the patient never needed or used, or they will put down a more expensive test or procedure than the one the patient actually had done. Because Medicaid is provided by the government, fraud against the program is harshly punished by the federal sentencing guidelines. Medicaid fraud costs the taxpayers of the United States millions of dollars every year, and for this reason, you must have a strong and reliable defense strategy when going in to court.

Fighting Medicaid Fraud Charges

When going up against prosecutors in a Medicaid fraud case, you need the legal representation of one of the top-rated attorneys from the law firm of Okabe & Haushalter, trusted criminal defense attorneys in San Francisco . Our firm is dedicated to helping defend our clients as they face charges that could potentially ruin their lives and their reputations. Our main goal is to minimize the damage that can occur as a result of these legal charges. Negotiating for reduced charges or having your charges altogether dropped is a strategy that may be applicable in your case.

If you have been charged with Medicaid fraud, contact our firm today.

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