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Mark Haushalter-Penn State KTTV Fox 11: Play Video
Mark Haushalter- Penn State Fox News at 11: Play Video
KTLA Conrad Murray Trial- October 2, 2011 Pt. 1: Play Video
Assistant Videotaped Children-Fox11-Attorney Mark Haushalter: Assistant Videotaped Children-Fox11-Attorney Mark Haushalter Play Video
Google Privacy Policy - Attorney Mark Haushalter-Fox11: Google Privacy Policy - Attorney Mark Haushalter - Fox11 Play Video
After an Arrest: If you are arrested for a criminal offense, you need to remember one ... Play Video
Okabe & Haushalter: When you decide to retain the Law Firm of Okabe & Haushalter you gain ... Play Video


Sobriety and Breath Tests: Should you take field sobriety tests or a portable breath test? Play Video
DUI Process: Okabe and Haushalter handles all aspects of DUI defense. Play Video
DUI Penalties: Attorney Ryan Okabe goes over the various penalties for DUI. Play Video
DUI and Your Driver's License: You have 10 days from the time of your arrest to contact the DMV. Play Video
Domestic Violence Charges: Domestic violence charges can be very serious. You need a top criminal ... Play Video
Domestic Violence and Your Family: Domestic violence charges can severely affect your family. Motions can ... Play Video
State Prosecuted Cases: Attorney Ryan Okabe speaks about State prosecution of domestic ... Play Video
Domestic Violence Trial: Mr. Okabe talks about a recent court verdict on a domestic violence ... Play Video
Restraining Orders: If you have been served a restraining order it is vital that you have ... Play Video
Juvenile Court: Attorney Mark Haushalter explains the difference between adult court ... Play Video
Your Child's Emotional Needs: Okabe and Haushalter prides itself on not just representing your ... Play Video
Help for Parents: One of the goals at Okabe & Haushalter is to help get the parents ... Play Video
Choosing Your Child's Attorney: Okabe and Haushalter keeps up to date with the latest legal news and ... Play Video
Drug Crime Charges: Attorney Mark Haushalter discusses the drug charges he handles, from ... Play Video
Internet Crimes: Attorney Mark Hauhalter discusses your rights if you are under ... Play Video
Child Pornography Charges: Attorney Ryan Okabe discusses the degrees of severity in child ... Play Video
Internet Sex Crimes: There are prosecutorial agencies dedicated to arresting individuals ... Play Video
State or Federal Charges: Many internet crimes can be charged at either the Federal or State ... Play Video
Internet Crime Penalties: Attorney Ryan Okabe discusses some of the penalties associated with ... Play Video
It's a Long Road: If you are charged with internet crimes or possession of child ... Play Video
White Collar Criminal Charges: Attorney Mark Haushalter speaks about white collar crimes and your ... Play Video
Federal Investigations: If you are being investigated by any federal agency you have the right ... Play Video
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