Google Privacy Policy | In the News Attorney Mark Haushalter Fox11
Watch the video in which Mark Haushalter gives his perspective on Google’s new change in the privacy policy.
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Google Privacy Policy - Attorney Mark Haushalter-Fox11
Google Privacy Policy - Attorney Mark Haushalter - Fox11

Mark Haushalter gives his perspective on Google’s new change in privacy policy. He explains how people are so willing to give up information. This could include anything from where they like to spend their money to where they’re going to go over the weekend. This type of information gives Google, and subsequently advertisers, power. Mr. Haushalter explains that in the past, many people’s concern was over a “watchdog” U.S. government monitoring the actions of its people, whereas now people should really be more concerned over watchdog Google. Google collects so much information, that it is essentially able to predict the patterns of the population. Many believe that such information should be kept private, and not used for financial gain like Google is doing.


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